Wilhelm Huck

Prof. Wilhelm T. S. Huck received his PhD in 1997 from the University of Twente. After postdoctoral research with George Whitesides at Harvard University, he took up a position in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, where he was promoted to Reader (2003) and Full Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry (2007). In 2010 he moved to the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, to take up a position as Professor of Physical Organic Chemistry. His research interests centre around understanding life as a set of complex chemical reactions. He is Co-PI on a Gravitation Grant on Building a Synthetic Cell (BaSyC) and on a Gravitation Grant on Functional Molecular Systems. He received the Spinoza Prize (2016), a VICI award (2011) and two ERC Advanced Grants (2010 & 2019). Prof. Huck is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.